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Boiler Servicing

Boilers are complex machines that do need servicing to ensure they continue to work efficiently and safely.

We recommend that you service your boiler annually to keep it in check and ensure you are getting the most out of your boiler. If you can't remember the last time it was serviced, view the list below to see if you recognise any of these issues:

  • Does the pump or fan seem noisy?
  • Is the boiler overheating or need refilling a lot?
  • Your hot water isn't as hot as it used to be
  • Water pressure is low or irregular
  • If you have an older boiler you're noticing the pilot light is going out
  • Having to constantly reset the boiler
  • Irregular or yellow flame

Even if you are not experiencing any of the above issues, did you know that having a regular or annual service is usually part of your manufacturer's warranty agreement? Therefore if you don't have it serviced, it could fall out of warranty for when something may go wrong.

Below is a breakdown of the process and tasks involved when we carry out a service:

  1. First and foremost, a visual check is carried out to comply with building, electrical and gas safe regulations.

  2. We follow this with a pre-service check, firing up the boiler to view basic boiler functions and identify any faults if there are any.

  3. We check out all components of the boiler, ensuring they are clean and un-damaged. These components include burners, injectors, heat exchangers, condensing syphon and fans. We will also check the pipework and electrical connections to confirm all is OK there too.

  4. All our engineers have a flue gas analyser on them to check the gas valve and confirm there is complete combustion, before finally using the analyser to ensure the boiler is running to the manufactures specification.

  5. If we do find any faults or problems during the servicing process we can then offer you advice on best next steps and any related costs for repairs.

  6. Once this discussion has taken place we can issue a benchmark Gas Safety certificate.

We can service all makes and models of Gas, LPG and Oil domestic boilers.

  • Worcester Bosch - all ages, all other makes - Condensing Boilers manufactured from 2005 launch year.
  • Older boiler services are subject to approval.

If you want to book a service please contact our office by telephone 01738 787860 or contact us.

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