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Compact Convector Radiator

One of the most energy efficient available radiators is the compact convertor, which is the exact model we supply! It is energy efficient as it only requires a small amount of water to operate, helping to keep running costs down as it takes less time to warm up and is easy to control.

It has a large convertor plate helping to spread the heat generated across a larger surface area, helping to distribute heat more effectively around the room.

The compact convector radiator has a sleek design and quality finish to suit both modern and traditional homes and decor. You can also rest assured that the radiator is hard wearing and can withhold everyday living with minimal scratches with a resistant coating to avoid discolouration, as well as being easy to clean.

Each radiator we supply has a XX year guarantee from the day it was installed. This covers any defects due to faulty materials, parts or general manufacture. This means we will replace any defective product as soon as we can with a suitable replacement as per the terms attached to the agreement.

Please note this does not cover any damage resulted due to faulty storage or handling after delivery. Nor will it cover damages incurred due to faulty use, for example rust or too high water pressure.

Finally, be sure to talk to us to see how we can help you save money on all our products and services, by letting us go through our product and installation packages that are designed to suit all budgets.

Compact Convector Radiator Scotland
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